" Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. "

- The World Health Organization.

There are many aspects to wellness and many factors that influence how we feel, including:

·        Physical

·        Mental

·        Social

·        Emotional

·        Spiritual

·        Environmental

·        Occupational

·        Intellectual / stimulated

Spacial Wellness focuses on the environmental impact on our well-being, specifically looking at our homes as we spend such a large amount of our time in them and they are largely a place that we can control. However, all stimulus of wellness work as a mesh, inter-twining so there will inevitably be an overlap looking at social, emotional, mental and physical impacts within the home environment.

Why the home plays such a big impact on your health?

We work through 4 phases, Content, Organisation, Layout and Personalisation to give a holistic approach to your space.


We all have too much. Whether you’re a consumer, a hoarder, extremely sentimental, busy or all of the above, you can probably get rid of a large percentage of your belongings!  We help you assess what stuff you have. And question whether you need or really want it.


Next we look at where and how you store things that you’ve decided to keep. We also think about your experiences in your home and how to make them positive, whether that is more fun with your kids, more sensuality in the bedroom or more efficiency in the kitchen for example. Evaluating who lives in the house and everyone’s responsibilities also comes under this category.


Sometimes done along side Step 2, tweaking the layout and usage of your home can have a profound impact on how you use your space efficiently, leading to enhanced wellness. People often have a corner or a whole room that’s either a dumping ground or neglected but either way, under-utilised. We take into consideration how you currently use your space but also get creative on how you could use your space more resourcefully. 


This stage is the final step to creating your optimum living environment. Many people lack the confidence or imagination with cosmetic interior design and either blindly follow fashion or stick to neutral pallets to be safe. The ultimate goal is that your interior reflects the person you are or aspire to be and stimulates feelings/moods that you desire to feel in your space. You may want your lounge to be a relaxing zen-like haven or a vibrant social space or the potential to be both. Whatever you desire, please, please don’t settle for 50 shades of soulless grey!  

Throughout each stage we delve into your habits, beliefs and desires to unpick what issues got you to where you are, to aid and inspire you to help yourself live in a better environment for you. But it really is all about you. Every home is different in design, occupancy, use and feel. There isn’t a one solution fits all, which is why you are such an essential part of the process. We cast no judgement and don’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. We are simply a guide, on the journey to a healthier home for you.


You may have some of the steps under control, or feel confident in tackling some yourself, or you may not know where to start and need help with it all. We tailor our service to suit your level of assistance required. See our ‘Work With Me’ page for details about our packages.

Q & A

Sometimes, people are too close to see what’s right in front of them and can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. Or they’re stuck in a vortex of chaos and just need someone to throw them a lifeline, so they can pull themselves out!

I liken myself to a Personal Trainer, but for the home. In the same way people wish to get fit but either don’t know how to go about it or just need someone to hold them accountable to making progress, I’m help to help. And like a personal trainer, unfortunately, I can’t do the work for you so every option has an element of Self Help. It’s an important step and will help you from slipping back into bad habits. I am definitely here to provide guidance and to support you though.

On occasion, a mediator is required when there is stale-mate in opinion or behaviour, which restricts the family moving forward in unity.

Kind of! If you want a professional cleaner, declutterer or a fabulous interior designer, they exist. Spacial Wellness is more about the underlying, unconscious thoughts and behaviours that led you to the home you’re currently living in. We focus on changing mindsets, making you think about your space differently and giving you the tools to empower your future, so you don’t relapse!

I get it. Spending money on this kind of thing isn’t really done! I mean getting a cleaner or a gardener is a luxury because you can do it yourself, right?! If you can, that’s great, then get started. What are you waiting for? Some spare time? When the kids aren’t around? When the house is tidy?!  

Life just gets in the way and priorities are made and things like sorting your house out can usually wait. I’m mean its not stopping you from doing anything, right?  You’ve got to ask yourself, and be honest, will there always be an excuse or something better to do? 

Lets talk about value. Value is… is the thing you’re getting out worth the thing you’re putting in? In this case, you’re putting in some time and some money. But the biggie, is what are you getting out… physically, it’ll be a tidier, more organised, more usable and/or more beautiful space. Mentally you’ll be creating a haven, a relaxed space, an more enjoyable space, less stress, more fun, more romantic, or more productive (depending on the room).

But what you’re actually gaining is more quality time with your kids, your partner, your friends, your family, yourself. More time to bake, read, walk, cycle, bathe, sew, swim, drink, play board games, have sex, cook, eat, laugh, sleep… live! I’m not sure you can put a price on that. 

I have though, and it’s a bargain! So does the price of a meal out/some new clothes/getting your hair done, equal the same value as the long term benefits to your wellbeing that you’ll get by ‘owning’ your space?

Have a look though the options and if you’re stuck, then send me a message and we can talk about what you want to achieve and how its best to achieve it! I can always tailor something specific to your situation.

Absolutely not! It’s not my place to come in to your home and tell you what you should or shouldn’t keep. You may be happy to part with that necklace that your grandmother gave you but be devastated at the thought of being without that band t-shirt from your first gig in the early 90’s! But through supportive questions you’ll come to work out what you really want to keep and what you’re happy to pass on to someone else to love.

I’m big on keeping the lifecycle of products alive so I hardly ever recommend  binning something. If it can be re-used, re-cycled, re-homed or re-loved, I’m happy!


Sure! I understand you might not have spare cash sitting in the bank for this sort of thing, so I’m happy for you to pay bit by bit to make it more manageable. See each package for the breakdown.