10 Tips for a Sexy Bedroom (for parents)!

Ok, for arguments sake and the purpose of this article, let’s pretend your main location for sexual activities is in the bedroom!

With Valentines just around the corner I was wondering… How sexy do you think your bedroom is?

Do you have to straighten your bed sheets or clear a load of toot off your bed before the action begins?!  Are you then surrounded by said toot on the floor or piles of laundry that you haven’t washed or put away (or that your partner hasn’t managed to put IN the laundry bin!)? Are toys cramping your style? Sounds like your bedroom could be more sexy!

Opposite of a sexy bedroom!

Now I’m not suggesting you should turn your bedroom into Mr Grey’s Red Room because let’s be honest, no-one wants to be explaining to our kids what the mirror on the ceiling above the bed is for! And let’s not forget, sex isn’t the only function of the bedroom. It’s where we get dressed, do make-up and hair, cuddle with the kids, read, snuggle and obviously sleep! So we probably don’t want it to feel sexy all the time.  So how do we get the balance of family friendly by day and romantic/erotic by night?

10 Top Tips to make your bedroom more sexy but not too sexy!

1. Tidy it!

‘I feel so sexy in a messy room’, said no-one ever.

2. Clean it!

And if your sheets are wafting about, the last thing you want to happen is one of you starts a dust induced coughing fit. Plus it’ll make it smell nicer. And nice smells are sexier than stale ones!

3. Make it a grown up space

Ditch all the kids stuff, toys, books or at least have them in a cupboard that you can close the door so it’s all out of sight. And you don’t want any more excuses for your kids to come in, so put it back in their rooms!

4. Invest in a nice bed

A comfy mattress is truly an investment I urge anyone to make if they can. If a new mattress is out of the question, a new mattress topper is a great way to inject some padding! And will obviously help make you sleep like a dream after too!

Add a mattress topper for added padding!

5. Nice linen

We recently got given a new bigger bed so had to upgrade the size of all our bedding. We went for as higher thread count as financially possible and my gosh, I actually feel grateful every time I get in, often communicated with a deep inhalation followed by a satisfactory moaning exhale noise. But that’s the every days bonus! Sexy bonus is softer sheets against your skin. Sateen is great for this. If you can’t replace all your linen consider a super soft throw or blanket that can be easily folded out of sight and thrown in the wash!

Silky sheets for a sexy bedroom (Pic Credit)

6. Soundproofing!

Nicely following on from throws and blankets is the consideration of soundproofing or at least sound dampening!

If your bed is a bit squeaky, either pop a bit of WD40 on those joints, pull it away from the wall a touch or slide a cushion down the back of the head rest to minimise impact on the wall! Also, use textiles like rugs and curtains to absorb more sound so the room isn’t so echo-y.

7. Lighting

I have an issue with central ceiling lighting as is, but it’s extra important when trying to create a sexy atmosphere. Lighting from above creates all sorts of unflattering shadows so opt for a lower light source like on your bedside table or even floor. Use indirect lighting (when you can’t see the bulb directly) where possible. If it has a dimmer, even better! But THE most flattering lighting is candlelight, fact (probably) but please use with caution! A great, safer alternative is a Himalayan Salt Lamp, that produces a cosy warm glow.

Himalayan salt lamp for mood lighting

8. Colours

Colours, as is in every room can transform emotions and moods. Although red is the colour of passion, it’s not great for sleeping so I prefer, dark, softer tones in the bedroom. Natural tones are great when you’re getting back to nature and are also great for sleeping. Or consider having a neutral canvas and changing the mood with accessories/linen/cushions pending the rooms use!

9. Music

Music can be a game-changer when you’re trying to instantly change the mood in room. Spotify has a playlist for every occasion/pace or wack on some old sentimental tracks to get your minds back to the ‘good old days’ before kids!

10. Toys

And I don’t mean the small person variety (you should have already got them out or hidden). If you’re into that kinda shit then think about keeping them in a beautiful box that you can get out for special occasions and put away so the kids don’t end up playing sword fights or cops & robbers!

Set of 2 Grey Velvet Trunks from Beautify

Hope that’s given you some achievable tips to get your sexy on this Valentines!

Gemma 💛

If you need help making your home more sexy or relaxed or organised or clear or just less stressful, check out ways we can work together here! x