Give the gift of joy.
Valid for 6 months.


After a romantic gift for that special someone in your life? Then this is not the gift for you!

We’re so busy filling our lives with things that will make us happy, and giving things that we’re guessing people will want. Rather than buying a present of more stuff to clutter up your loved ones life, why not give the gift of less! Less stuff and less stress!

By giving them a Spacial Wellness voucher, you’re essentially giving them the gift of joy. Whether they end up falling in love with their home again or creating more time to pursue the things they enjoy doing, like reading, bathing, walking, meditating, socialising or sleeping.

A word of caution if you’re buying this as a gift to an unsuspecting recipient. It could go down as well as buying them a vacuum cleaner! To ease the offence, we make sure we’re clear on the voucher that your intent is from a place of love.

Voucher title options include:

💛 The gift of joy
💛 The gift of less stress
💛 The gift of homeliness
💛 Less stuff, less stress.
💛 Because you like Marie Kondo…

Or choose your own, personalised voucher title!

(Voucher value can be redeemed against any of my services.)


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