Starter Package


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Duration : 6 weeks


I’m calling it my Starter Package because its not a full blown, Konmari your entire house shizzle! It’s easing you in gently, with sorting out a major stress level area in your home!

  • Multi-function space which doesn’t know if its a lounge, dining room, playroom, laundry room or office?!
  • Master bedroom.The first thing you see in the morning to set you on your day and the last thing you see at night to send you off to sleep to process your day. Is it a relaxing, tranquil haven in the evening and an inspiration place to start the day in? Or does that pile of clothes you didn’t put away yesterday, the abandoned kids toys or those cups you left on your side remind you ‘there’s always stuff to do!!!’ Argh!
  • Front entrance/porch/hallway driving you crazy of shoes/coats/bags/random shit all of which gets dumped as soon as you come in the house and then festers and builds up, causing major panic when you’re running late and you can’t find your keys, the kids left shoe and you swear you left that bag right by the door?! Great, now you’re late!

Whatever the space, whatever the problem, I can help you.

My aim isn’t to just to help you solve the problem in the short-term. Its to uncover the habits and beliefs that are holding you prisoner there and release you forever.

The starter package includes:

💛 A pre-visit questionnaire
To give me a heads up of what to expect and what you want to take control of.

💛 A 2 hour 1:1 home visit
We’ll chat about the problem, how you got there, what you want the outcome to be and how you’re going to get there.

💛 Followed up by a written plan
Totally written with your input to how you can realistically achieve your goal.

💛 6 weeks of support from me
To encourage you through the process of awareness, action and change and to hold you accountable (because having  someone ask how you’re getting on and if you’ve done your homework makes you openly admit to yourself if you’ve done it or not!).

💛 Optional access to a closed Facebook group of people going through a similar process. Because knowing you’re not alone is comforting.

All this support to get you on your way to a less stressful life is a bargainous £199 for now. (Optionally paid in instalments).  If you’ve already had my 1:1 Discovery Session, then the cost of that will be deducted from this, as you won’t need the 2 hour 1:1 that is included.

Contact me now for details of how you can set yourself free!


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