Kickstart Workshop


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Duration : 3 hours


Feeling overwhelmed at the amount of stuff you own but don’t know where to start? Have you ever lost something completely or spent ages looking for something, or have you ever bought double of something because you didn’t know you already had it? Then this workshop would be great for you as it mainly focuses on the contents of the home and the organisation of your belongings.

It’s a 3 hour, interactive, in person workshop, aimed at giving people who know they need to make changes to their environment a bit of a kick up the butt to take action.

Snacks and drinks are included and you even get a workbook to fill out and keep as a reference guide.


💛   Do some self assessment of our pasts,

💛   Look at what is our current situation and how we’re feeling about it,

💛   Discover tools to help us make changes for the future.


All in the relaxed and inspirational atmosphere of my home. As such, there are limited places, so seize the day and e-mail me now at for details of when the next one is and how to book your kickstart!

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