Intensive Care


4 month intensive content assessment.
Duration : 4 months


The ultimate goal is for you to lose all that physical extra baggage weighing you down in life, to free you up to live a more joy filled life! Just take a moment to picture your home in its ‘perfect’ state. Fully decorated and satisfyingly organised! Does that feel achievable? Well it is. But the most important factor is not what is looks like, it’s how it makes you feel and how that has a knock on affect on how you live your life.

I’ll be guiding and supporting you through an all encompassing sort out of all your belongings, in 4 crazy months!

You may well have tried clearing a few boxes here and there but however far you get, it feels like you’re not making a big enough dent, and then it all seems to get on top of you again. Sound familiar?

What you can expect for the Intensive Care Course…

💛 We’ll have an initial 1:1 virtual tour of your home via the magic of FaceTime/WhatsApp/Skype etc so I’m familiar with what you’re working with/towards and to ensure the intensive program is realistic, attainable and suitable for you.

💛 If you and your home are ready, we’ll sign you up to join the private Facebook group with other lovely people on the same transformational path!

💛 I’ll supply a 4 month schedule broken down into weekly areas of attention (inspired by the Konmari method). It’ll keep you on track for progress and show you what’s coming next. It’s the antidote to you feeling like you’re never going to get on top of it.

💛 A weekly video from me, talking you through what area of the home is the focus for that week, including instructions on how to effectively go about sorting it and a heads up on what challenges you might face.

💛 Continual emotional and practical support from me within the group, obvs!

💛 Someone to keep you focused and accountable so you you can finally take ownership of your space and achieve your home goals.

**WARNING: Side effects may include a positively changed mindset, altered habits, improved relationships and the gusto to change other parts of your life! **

All this guidance and support and arguably life changing transformation is £399. (Payment can be made in instalments). This is seriously good value for the difference you’re going to feel onwards.

I think I’ve covered everything loosely, so what’s stopping you? Money, time, fear, your partner? Ultimately the only one stopping you is you. If you’ve lived like this for years or it’s getting worse, you’re unlikely going to change your environment on your own. The same old hurdles will stand in your way as excuses. Consider this an opportunity, a sign, an olive branch to yourself, an investment in you and your own happiness.

If you’ve got any questions or reservations, please, please ask. This won’t be right for everyone and I only want to help people who want to help themselves, so please contact me if this is triggering you to think about your space.


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