Why I’m not a declutterer…

When I started up Spacial Wellness I was very clear that I didn’t just want to be a professional declutterer.

Although clutter and sorting it out, is a massive part of Spacial Wellness, it’s not the only factor that makes it up. I wanted to create a holistic service that assesses why you’ve ended up with all the clutter, how it impacts your life, how to tackle it and most importantly how to keep it at bay.

Alongside the clutter, Spacial Wellness is about the whole picture: the contents, the organisation, the layout and the personalisation of a space. All these elements are factors in how you (and everybody living there) feel and how you all behave in your environment.

Unfortunately, just decluttering isn’t going to help in the long run.

So, lets talk contents…

If I were to come to your home to declutter for you, it may provide some level of instant relief and joy, like the buzz you get from purchasing a new item of clothing. But that in isolation is not enough to keep you in that clear place.

I get the appeal. You’re busy, it’s quicker just to pay someone else to do it, and less painful than tackling it yourself, right?! But it’s a bit like a paracetamol, it gets rid of the pain, but not the ultimate problem, and when it wears off, the pain comes back!

And I would hazard a guess that most people wouldn’t be happy for me just coming in and do it for them. It’s your stuff and only you know if you want it. What I can do is work with you to ask you the right questions, provide emotional support, assess the behaviour whilst being on hand to organise the clutter ready for your final decision and even drive stuff to the charity shop or tip for you for instant evacuation.

The main focus…

But the main focus behind the actual act of sorting through and thinning out, is the psychological reasons that led to that behaviour. It’s about changing mindsets, breaking bad habits and forming better ones to keep you from relapsing! It’s about being aware of how that lifestyle makes you feel and how you’d love to feel.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your clutter and you feel like your home and its contents are ruling you and you’ve had enough and want to take back control of your things, your environment and in turn how you feel in your space, then I urge you to seriously consider coming to one of my workshops or seeking some 1:1 advice from me.

You spend a huge proportion of your life in your home and it not being a space you thrive in should almost be a criminal offence!

I hope my passion for this subject is coming across! :o)

But seriously, if you just want someone to come in and declutter, go for it. But when the clutter eventually comes back… you know where I am! ;0)

Gemma 💛

If you want to tackle the clutter, once and for all, sign up to my Kickstart Workshop to get you on your way. Details are here or click on the boot below or just message me with a ‘Enough is Enough’ and we’ll work something out!

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