I’m sorry, was Covid 19 all my fault?

I cant help think I’ve manifested this!  Or maybe it wasn’t just me? Maybe you’ve been having the same dialogue in your head as me. Maybe you too have been wishing for the world to stop, to give you a month at home, to get all your shit together?! Or maybe you’ve been moaning about the school run, or wishing you had more time to spend with your kids, or saying you hate your job. They do say be careful what you wish for, right?!

For me, there are so many jobs I want to do, but life just seems to get in the way: the school run, social events, work, eating, sleeping, washing. Ok, so most of those things I’m still able to do, but I can’t help feel a slight sense of relief and smell a faint waft of opportunity that I may just be able to get some of my to-do list at home done.


List of jobs

I’ve got a list of DIY jobs as long as my ladder, like filling, sanding, painting, hanging pictures, changing light bulbs, fixing things. Then there’s the decluttering – the paperwork, the boxes, the toys, the shed, the loft, my bedside table, that cupboard or in my case the room of doom! Not even to mention tackling the digital clutter!

But it’s not just all doom and gloom, partly because I weirdly enjoy doing half those jobs above. I love a bit of DIY, the satisfaction I get from decluttering and the buzz of decorating and styling! But also, if I can tick off a major chunk of my ‘frog jobs’ then I’m going to free up my regular time to actually be able to do the things I wish I had more free time to do, like baking, reading, sewing, up-cycling, gardening, designing, making, walking, playing with my kids, enjoying spending time with my husband.

Can you imagine having nothing on your list of demands to do, and standing there with a whole world of possibility?  And even being in a position where you’re stressed because you just can’t choose between all the awesome things you could possibly do! (#firstworldproblemgoals)


This is where I’m aiming to get to and I can’t help but feel I could use this global situation like finding a hidden shortcut on a racing game (albeit one with disorientating flashing lights), to cut the corner and get ahead in life.


To achieve any goal, the key is planning. So first step – make a plan! Make it flexible and free-flowing to go with whatever life throws at us next, but a plan I can focus on, to take my mind off of all the negative stories I keep hearing of selfish greedy people. A fun, exciting, worth-getting-out-of-bed-and-getting-dressed kind of plan. A plan that is hopefully going to set me up to live a far more liberating life once we get through the other side of this.


I’m not saying it’s going to be straight forward or easy, it is not! Especially with everybody being at home all the time! But progress is workable, somehow.

The first job is thinking about how I want my home to be, to facilitate this new life of more free time. I’ll need to work my way through all the junk, holding me back (physically and mentally), I want to be efficiently organised so I’m not wasting time doing things that could be done quicker, and I want to be surrounded by an environment that inspires and comforts me and facilitates all of us living a better life.

I know I’m not alone, in wanting sort my house out, so with this in mind, I’m going to create several online workshops to help us all achieve our goals and to try and make this lockdown work for us, not against us. These will include advice on how to declutter, how to organise and how to present your home in the best way possible for your own joy and wellbeing.

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Much love, stay safe and be kind.

Gemma 💛

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