Hello Gemma of 2020!

Say hi to the Gemma of 2020!

I’m a bit different from the Gemma that started 2019. Firstly and most obviously for those that know me, yes, I have pink hair!

This is pretty symbolic for me. It’s about me now stepping out of my comfort zone and making bold decisions. It’s a reminder to me, every time I look in the mirror, that this year will be different as I’ve promised to shake things up for myself. 

There were major shifts for me in 2019, ALOT of personal development and lots of foundations laid. 2020 is about stepping into the person I want to be, know I can be, the person I am.


I’m not really into New Year resolutions anymore. Too many times I’ve said I’m going to change something and too many times I haven’t! But this year feels different. I’m not half-heartedly saying I’m going to eat less chocolate or go to the gym, because that sounds like a thing I should say. I have real passion and conviction in the one change I want to make. It sounds so simple I can boil it down to one word… consciously.

But I’m adding to everything I do. I want to live more consciously. That involves eating, sleeping, moving, drinking, working, playing, wearing, using, saying, even thinking. It’s going to be exhausting and it’s definitely not going to be easy. I may not always be able to make conscious decisions but for too long I’ve been living on auto pilot but now, I’ve woken up.

Living consciously

When I put something in my mouth, I want to register why. Is it because I’m hungry, bored or want a sugary treat!

When evening comes, I don’t want to stay up late because ‘that’s the only time I get to myself to get stuff done’.  As much as I’ve convinced myself I’m a night owl (which according to the amazing book ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker, is a real thing), unfortunately at the moment, my societal conventions like getting the kids to school at a certain time, are not conducive to late nights! So I must concede for the time being in favour of sleeping more hours, for my own mental health.

I want to move more. Whether that be HITT training, yoga, walking, street dance, dancing round my kitchen or trampolining in the garden with the kids! Moving is good for your body and good for your soul and I wasn’t doing it enough.

Water is so underestimated, and in my case, so under consumed. I have a bottle with guided marks to keep me on-track for more water intake, which I’ll be consciously using daily!

I want to be silly more. I used to be silly, and at some stage of growing up i’ve lost that, so there will be more tickle fights, hide and seek, pranks and more dancing in public (much to the horror of my kids)!

Mindset Shift

My mindset has had a massive jolt last year having got involved with an amazing network of women via Keri Jarvis’s Do It Like a Mother empire. I cannot recommend her coaching enough if you’re feeling a bit lost and need some direction.  Check out KeriJarvis.com launching soon!

If it wasn’t for joining Keri’s cult, lol! I wouldn’t have set up Spacial Wellness and I wouldn’t be pushing such big dreams for it this year! I want to help so many more people take ownership of their space and really fall in love with their homes again.

One of whom is me. Although we’ve created some lovely spaces in our house that I’m super proud of (and have massively made the most out of this Christmas season), it has so much more potential just begging to be exposed! To me, a house with an un-utilised space is like having a cake that no-one’s eating… such a waste and verging on criminally unjust!

My mission

As such, I’m on a mission this year to live more consciously in our home. To sort it out once and for all, so I can really focus on what’s important…living. I want to show more love to my kids and husband. I want to grow Spacial Wellness exponentially. I want to have more leisure time to make and create and bake and sew and paint and tickle and laugh and love and walk and meditate. And I know I won’t be able to do these things to be best of my ability knowing that my home isn’t in order.

What is your home restricting you doing with your whole heart, and mind?!

Here’s to a Conscious 2020!

Gemma 💛

If you want to join me in my quest for life, check out how I could help here or just message me with a ‘Me too’ and we’ll work something out!