"You influence your surroundings every bit as much as they influence you"

- Kasey Anderson

Spacial Wellness Coach

Gemma Lee

I was brought up around building sites and developments which is where my passion for all things houses began. Throw in a design degree, a growing interest in psychology, a friendly personality, a kind empathetic nature and a whole lot of enthusiasm and boom,  you have all the traits of a ‘home lifestyle well-being personal trainer’! Or whatever you want to call me! I’m not sure my job has an existing title so (because I’m the director of this biz!) I’ve called myself a Spacial Wellness Coach! 

So, what is
spacial wellness?

Spacial wellness is a state of bliss stimulated by your environment. It’s achieved by simply surrounding yourself with things that you love for the greater good of your well-being.

Many people don’t give their home environment enough credit for how it affects their mood and sadly don’t prioritise being in control of it as much as they could.

This is where we come in!

Our aim is to bring awareness, support assessment and then inspire action so you can learn to love your home again.


Step 1 is acknowledging you have a problem. Your home should not only be a haven but also an expression of the best version of you.  If you are anything else than that, then chances are your home is holding you back. If you’ve found this website and you’re reading this then chances are, you’ve figured that out for yourself already!


This is the bit that sets us apart from the de-clutterers and the interior designers. We go deep! We get to the root of why your home is making you feel depressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, lethargic, stressed or sometimes even ill. We assess how you’re living, how you’re feeling and how you got here, so we can get you out!


The fun bit! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy, but you’ll start seeing and feeling the results of the assessment as we begin to transform your home into a place you can feel free to be you! Together, we can build a plan of how we’re going to transform your life and I can support & motivate you through the whole process.

How can I help you?

If you think of yourself as a bit of a Marie Kondo or the next Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen then you probably don’t need my help! However, if you walk around your house and have a sinking feeling of overwhelm or frustration, then keep reading!
Many people share the same stresses about their home (like that pile of clothes that are worn but not dirty enough for the laundry, or too many toys!) but often people will have specific issues that relate to their own set up. I want to help as many people as I can so I’ve created packages with various levels of assistance and accountability from me. Have a peruse and see which one suits your needs. 
Alternatively, contact me to discuss your specific needs and how I can provide a bespoke package to best help you.

Working Together

I liken myself to a Personal Trainer, but for the home. In the same way people wish to get fit but either don’t know how to go about it or just need someone to hold them accountable to making progress, I’m here to help. And like a personal trainer, I can do the work with you but unfortunately, I can’t do the work for you so every option has an element of Help Yourself. It’s an important step and will help you from slipping back into bad habits. I am definitely here to provide guidance, support, motivation and inspiration for you though. We can do it together!